Adventures in Textile Arts by kate kline

Monday, February 13, 2012

Apple Picking

Apple Picking was created for a show at the Tulsa Artist Coalition. We were given three Robert Frost poems and challenged to create a piece of art based upon one of the poems. I chose "After Apple Picking." After studying the poem for some time, I chose to focus on several of the images and phrases that spoke to me. The ladder pointing to heaven still, the ice covered water, apples tumbling upon the ground. I drew an image of unlaced, worn boots and printed it onto raw canvas. All of the fabric is hand dyed and the main piece is rusted also. I printed out two lines from the poem, "But I am done with apple-picking now, Essence of winter sleep is on the night" to add to the front as a statement that summed up a life of hard work now drawing to a close. The piece was awarded an Honorable Mention.


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