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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Body of Work

I've been working in a grid style since the beginning of 2007 in order to produce a "body of work" which is consistent and recognizable as mine. For the most part, I am trying to work within self made parameters which are (1) using unprimed canvas as fabric and (2) using stitches, usually hand stitches of various kinds.
The works you see here are "Fragments", at the top, which is a large piece (about 22" x 44") stretched on wooden canvas stretchers and framed. It is hand dyed canvas with squares of hand painted cotton and hand stiched with cotton string.
The second piece "Knockout" is small (about 6" x 6") with hand painted cotton muslin stretched over an artist canvas. Unprimed and burnt canvas squares are fused on and galvanized metal knockouts are applied. Perl cotton is used to attach burlap threads. This piece is not framed and the hand painted fabric wrapping the sides become part of the artwork.
Several other gridded pieces are in progress. In addition I have several grid-style art quilts finished earlier this year which are now showing in Oklahoma art galleries.


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