Adventures in Textile Arts by kate kline

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Doing the Arts Festival

I was asked to participate in the Oklahoma City Arts Festival, demonstrating my fiber processes in the Artful Experience exhibit. There were 4 other artists in the tent, a potter, a clay sculptor and 2 silk screen artists. It rained all day! Things were pretty fine for me as I worked at turning a photo of my granddaughter Lily into a small quilted wall hanging. It is hard concentrating while people are asking you questions and I kept making mistakes with my templates and such. So I turned to making fabric postcards. The humidity caused problems with the photo transfer method I chose so I just used existing scraps of painted and dyed fabric and findings and transfers that I had on hand. Then the rain became much worse and the tent floor (cement) was awash in running water. Being one who doesn't relish electrocuting herself while sewing, I packed up for the day about an hour short of the end of the event. I managed to drive back to Tulsa between storms along that stretch of highway that is notorious as a "tornado alley." My photos of the festival are going to be used in my April journal quilt for Houston, but will very much be manipulated. The journal quilts may not be published until after November '06 so I'll be putting them up on the blog after that.